Typically users consider the features they're going to get with a particular cloud hosting plan and tend to forget something just as essential - the service uptime. As efficient as a plan might be, regular downtimes may lead to lower search engine rankings and lost clients no matter what the reason behind them could be. Of course, really a few people would come back to a site that's unavailable 1 / 2 of the time, not mentioning the wasted funds if you have invested in an advertising and marketing campaign. That is why, when you buy a new web hosting package, you should ensure that the service shall be stable and your websites will be online always. This means more traffic, or in case you have an online store, for example, higher uptime usually means happier clients.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Cloud Hosting
Using a cloud hosting account through our company, you can enjoy 99.9% server uptime. We have practically wiped out the downtime due to the fact that we use a state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform and we don't manage everything on one web server as most service providers do. Instead, we run each service on an independent group of web servers, so your files, emails, databases, etcetera, are going to be handled by separate web servers. Thus, we're able to also balance the load much more efficiently and ensure the stable functioning of your websites at all times. The availability of the servers is ensured by a few backbone Internet providers and diesel-powered backup generators, so your internet sites are going to be working no matter what. We also have professionals monitoring the web servers 24 / 7, including weekends & holidays, and they will handle any unforeseen problem that may show up.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We guarantee 99.9% uptime for every semi-dedicated server package obtained through our company. You can forget about your site being offline for some reason since we use a top-notch cloud internet hosting platform with a custom-built load balancing system. Rather than running everything on just a single server and risking one service to take everything down, we've allocated the various services among their own clusters of web servers. In other words, your databases, files, e-mail messages, statistics, etc., are handled by separate clusters, and so the failure of one server will have no influence on the overall service or on your Internet websites. A number of backbone Internet providers and diesel backup generators ensure that infrastructural problems are not going to affect your sites either. We've got software and hardware firewalls as well as a skilled team of administrators to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic and to respond to any kind of software issue 24/7.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Dedicated Servers Hosting
All of our dedicated plans come with a 99.9% hosting server and network uptime warranty and repairs and maintenance procedures are part of the other .01% of the time. We test out every single server thoroughly before we hand it over to the client and we use new hardware components to prevent any chance of hardware problems. Any unanticipated software issues can be resolved straight away by our system admins as they keep an eye on all servers 24/7. In order to avoid infrastructural difficulties, our data center facility in downtown Chicago employs powerful diesel backup generators, while the connection to the servers is guaranteed by redundant fiber lines from various backbone Internet providers. To be on the safe side, we've got hardware and software firewalls, so even if your are flooded, we can react instantly and filter the unwanted traffic before it reaches your dedicated server and disrupts the proper functioning of your websites.